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Pickle Juice in a Tall Glass with Ice [entries|friends|calendar]
Fabulous Lesbian

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gotta love children [15 Dec 2004|12:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So I was working today... and I am normally out of it at work anyways. So this group comes in and I have never let them in before and my manager was gone so I asked the chaperone some questions. I asked him about lane lines or something and then money. And this little ten year old jewish* kid was like "omg... is she new?" Was he just making fun of me... ass hole.
But it was cute. There also was this other kid growing in his little jewish curl things.

*I am not an antisemite or racist.

I was totally almost late for work today. I normally wake up at 4:15 (yes AM) to open and leave at 5:10 or 5:15. But today my ass woke up at 5:15... I did a cannonball run to make it to work in about a half hour. That's my day.
Tonight I am going to a tranny event with Josh... should be fun.

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my brain fell out [13 Dec 2004|03:41pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I like to update in bullets when i don't update much.

Last week was finals.

  • I took the hardest test ever... for a fucking 100 level class... asshole.
  • I wrote a very good gay fairy tale.

I have been working my ass off.

  • I picked up a shift at the pool from 8:30-3:30 on saturday... uhh that is what 7 hours? Hell on wheels! So I just survived that guard shift. Up comes my coworker with 20 bucks... I will give you $20 if you work my shift. Dare I say no? So I worked 3 more hours. I nearly died so that was a bad idea... 10 hours.
  • So today I had 5 hours of sleep... ugh... not so good when u work at 6 am. So I work and my whole job has gone to hell and I never work as a desk attentdant so it is not second nature. I get confused when ppl give me money and ask for towels. Then I wash towels... that is enough. But today they throw in forms to fill out and locker rentals... grr. My head spun. Not to mention I am having blood sugar/equalibrium problems.
  • Then after work. I go to my other job. Normally I just sit there... but not today... oh no not today. I had to sort things... and fold shirts... and run around the building. And then I realized I needed to post cuz I'm a dumbass... 10 hours today Sam? Yes you asshole.

What else? I thought I was gonna break up with Josh... not cuz I don't like him but our relationship is taxing. I don't deal with stress too well... I get physically ill like today with me being out of it. So anywho... I start even talking about it and I busrt into tears. Well not quite but I do shed a few. I like that boy more than I even know. It's the way he is... the way he looks at me. How I can make him smile. He lights up so much in me when I see him. Aww... this is sappy now... really sappy. I must go.


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So... hmm... [06 Dec 2004|02:15pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Lemme go back to ummm friday. I got my tire fixed for 10 dollars, so that was cool. Then I drove all the way out to Josh's parents' house. Way out in BFE... We went to Bennigans and I had one beer and got a buzz. It was funny. Had some good dinner conversation. I slept over. We watched the Laramie Project... sad movie. Then I fell asleep and cuddled josh off the bed. My bad. I really like that boy. He makes butterflies in my lil tummy.
Then I went to work Sat and the girl after me never showed up so I had to work her shift. Bitch. So I get home and my dad invites me to dinner... and his bitch girlfriend tells me to to hurry up. We have no reservations... and I had to pee so I took my sweet ass time. We ended up driving around and calling her stupid cuz she had no idea where the restaurant was... and she's dumb. *side note* she wants to make shaped cookies with chocolate chip cookie dough. And shit the other dough is in my car... oops.* So needless to say when we finally got to dinner I needed a stiff drink and got a martini... and then... I was drunk at family dinner. Almost sloppy drunk... my sister had to wipe food off of my face like 6 times. It was great.
Yesterday my sis and I went to the laundry mat for 3 to 4 hours. I had so many dirty clothes. It was crazy. Whenever we hang out we turn into the craziest giggliest girls. Fun times doing laundry.
When we got home my dad was a raving lunatic and he almost grounded us for having messy rooms but I totally cleaned my room then.
Finally later that night I went to Carrie's house and got hmm... fucked up. Yeah definately had like 4 drinks and they kept getting stronger... it was crazy. I met some cool people. Carrie is cool. I will hang out with her more often.
This morning I had some errands planned but I was too hung over to function but I did make it to work but I am soooooooo out of it and weird. I am acting weird. I hope no one catches on. Ok I am done. I wish this was more interesting... ah oh well.

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I must be insane... [02 Dec 2004|02:34pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

So yesterday... ahh what a day. Actually I don't remember much of it... it kind of blended with the day before.
I yelled at the girl I don't like for being late and letting people in early. I wasn't ready to work yey bitch. She has 20 seconds of interaction with each patron... I however have to watch them swim... whose job is fuckking harder? hmmm... that's what I thought bitch.

So I can't remember the whole begining of my day something about waking up late * getting ready for work in 5.6 minutes... which much of that was adjusting bed head * desnowing my frozen car * getting money * getting coffee* smoking one cigarette * not having much traffic * getting to work early * registering for classes... and getting them all on tues and thurs * Bowling? *

Oh yeah I bowled a 68!!! I suck miserably!!!

So I did a lot of nothing then I went home and my car was driving funny... lemme pull over... FUCK ME RUNNING! I had a flat tire and I was supposed to meet my sister at 5... and though it was 3:15 I realized with traffic I would be late. So I jack up the carr and remove the hub cap... and then... no and then... and then... all the lug nuts were too tight... and roadside assistance could take forever... and my dad won't answer his pager... and ppl are not nice an helpful... then this one kid loosened the nuts for me... thank God... so I finished my tire and then sat in traffic for an hour to go 15 miles and was late getting to my sister. But she was understanding... obviously.

We got coffee and shopped for shoes and coats... I want to wear stilettos I am already 5'9"... I'd be huge but stilletos are sexy and a half.
Then I wandered into the sprint store to see if I could get this rebate... and found out that they pay their employees 21 an hour plus comission.... ok can you say dream job? So I shall be applying. I think that's all.

So I must be insane for having a relatively good day after having a flat....

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ha [29 Nov 2004|05:35pm]
A repressed gay blockbuster star. Don't get many of those these days, do we, Tom?
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

I am a gay man... I always knew it...
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doo dee doo [29 Nov 2004|04:55pm]
So lets see...
I haven't updated this since the last time I updated... ha ha I crack myself up.
I go about each day with a series of random events... So today I was in Geography... just a regular class with the teacher be far too political for the class to understand and I just roll my eyes because I get what he says but care not to laugh. But I was about to open my book when I saw something gross on it. And it was a dead worm... how the fuck did a dead worm get on my book? The world may never know.
I went to work and I realized that my boss is a douche... she goes home sick or calls in sick all the damn time. What kind of work ethic is that? Then this guy came in asking to schedule a workshop to be presented on Thursday or Friday while today is Monday and that is some damn short notice.. regardless of the fact that it is the last week before finals. Some people pushing their last minute projects onto other people. I told him that if I do the workshop he should be eternally grateful and then he offered to buy me dinner. Talk about bribery.
I learned today that I am a SOFFA... which I have seen many times but never knew what it meant. Jay told me that it means significant other, friend, family member, ally... of an individual that identifies as trans. So I am so and f then cuz I do consider myself as a friend before signicant other.
Which leads to my new book idea... about how not to date a pyscho... a queer guide to a healthy relationship. It will mostly be based on a bad reltaionship and points where things can go wrong and how to avoid them. It came about cuz I called my ex... and though I did not intend on yelling at her... she really deserved to be yelled at. While she is off partying, I have to carry the brunt of our relationship troubles and ruin my credit... or worry about ruined credit that I had until my mommy helped me.
Yesterday I did nothing all day but watch 3 movies... Elf, Chronicles of Riddick and the musical version of a Christmas Carol... Ah laziness at its finest. And I ate a lot too.... hmm fat and lazy.

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Lets be thankful [26 Nov 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

So thanksgiving...
It was hell on wheels to begin with. There were 18 people at dinner. My aunt ansd all her kids and their spouses and children and pets... craziness. My mom lives with my aunt because... hmm I dunno why... but she did it so she could be closer to her kids but it sorta backfired. My aunt isn't well off so my mom helped her out and bought her a stove and a furnace... but she tells people my mom helped when I really know she bought it. And my aunt broke her toilet and my mom fixed it... then my aunt broke it again and my mom fixed it again. but my aunt saysa my mom broke it... sibling rivalry never dies.
Then at dinner my mom was getting food and my aunt said she should move since she lives there "rent free" then what the fuck were the stove and furnace? Rent free my ass. And that is the shit my mom puts up with living there. I feel bad for her.
I did however have a good time with my mom and I realized that though she moved away and she can't always be there for me... she is very generous and loves me alot.
I was in about 9000 dollars of debt from my ex and my dear mother payed off all my credit cards for me in full. I never asked her to do it... she just did it. She had told me that she would help but in the end she did more than help me. I have never gotten a clean slate in my life.
Then I found out that my tuition was overdue for the semester and I wouldn't be able to rgister for next semsester... which blows dogs for quarters... but my dad paid that for me. So everything in my life is going good for me right now and I am grateful for that.
Also my sister has been buying me clothes and giving me money here and there when I need it. I guess me being generous with my money when I had it (and when I didn't have it to spare) really paid off... so whatever you believe in... whether it be God or Karma... if you give you shall receive... and I am living proof.

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Why am I so Hawt? [18 Nov 2004|06:38pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I had an interesting day.
Last night I had gotten only 3 hours of sleep... so umm yeah... I definatley decided that I was not gonna try to look good at school. So I threw on my dirtiest hat, big t-shirt (with a fake superman logo) and jeans. Little did I know I actually looked like a cute little 12 yr old boy/ baby butch.
So hats are a big no-no at work. I have tended not to care anymore since my boss quit and I only have to answer to his boss that works upstairs. So I didn't take out my piercings and didn't take off my hat. For some reason I had not fallen asleep on the pool deck... odd I know since I used to doze off all the time. Then out of no where... the boss from upstairs shows up and starts talking to me. I look at her from underneath my hat... and chat away. I think anyone else would have had to take it off... but since I looked like a lesbian, and she is a lesbian... I got away with it. I'm awesome. Little butch little thing. So I rock.
So today... if you haven't heard, was the great american smoke out... wihich I quit smoking yesterday which is cool. So I helped out at a booth with smoking quiz and candy and crap, until I went outside for the crowd shocker. We totally have this doll that smokes cigarettes and the tar collects in a test tube at the end of her torso... don't ask me too much about it... it has a pump and a tube... but she totally smokes. And there was totally tar in her test tube lung. So I stayed outside and bummed smokes for "Smokey Sue" and she smoked 14 smokes today. Her lung was horrible. And I didn't crave a cigarette the whole time (til right now).
So back to me looking like a boy. The whole time I was smoking the doll, I saw people I know walk by. Many of my friends didn't say hi until I said hi to them cuz they thought I was some guy. But this one girl that I have met a few times, stopped and hung out for a few minutes. She said I look so cute as a lesbian. BTW her gf is quite a douche... and is jealous of me cuz I hung out with them both once. So then this chick asked me to get lunch with her... but I couldn't so she asked if she could bring something back... OMG why does this happen to me? Girls hit on me when I'm taken but never when I'm single... Whatev.

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[16 Nov 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This weekend was a lot of fun. I took my sister to the city with me and left her at a friend's dorm. The conference I went to was great. I learned some stuff to improve my student org. Also I want to be a motivational speaker. So I am actually looking into that. It will be totally cool if I can do that.

Then on friday night I was helping at a late night school function where there was no drinking. It was cool I was basically supposed to chaperone the dance portion of the evening. But instead I flirted/hung out with lesbians. There was atleast 5 there... that is a high dyke ratio. I think of it that I may be dating someone but I'm not dead... so it works out. I met the cutest girl and she totally thought I was funny and shit like that. And I also made friends with the others and had a gay ol' time. Also I was dressed in 80's clothes and so was my baby sis.

Then the next day I went to the conference again... and not eventful... I did tell a story how i crapped my pants on a date and then I won a free shirt and a book.

So I went out with my sis and Josh. We totally sat in McDonald's for 3 hours and it was funny cuz we were laughing like the whole time. I'm glad ppl I date like my sister and she likes them. Then she got hungry so we went to IHOP to eat. It was so funny. Lets leave
this restaurant and go eat at another. Then we had decided to give Josh his testosterone shot... that was scary. So I chickened out and my sister totally stuck him. It was so scary. But maybe next time I'll do it.

So yeah recent development... Josh is my boifriend. He makes me happy and thats all that matters. Sorry to all you lesbian folks that are not gay enough to understand...

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Randoms [05 Nov 2004|12:43pm]
Lets see... what have I done or been up to. Just the usual I guess. I have been overly tired... I had to drive to work for 3 days and I am used to my daddy driving me to school. So I usually sleep in the car while he drives. Luckily my ex hasn't added to my stress... she seems to have moved to indiana. Oh well.

Yesterday I worked on a project about penis sizes. Give the lesbian the penis project. That was great... Well I did learn that the smalled recorded funtioning penis was .67 in when erect... I told that to my dad... he's like wow. And then I was like I could grow a penis bigger than that... and he said you probably have one bigger than that... uhh dad... that was too far... sorry. Then I couldn't stop laughing.

We have these really huge revolving doors at my school... seriously I have fit like 6 people in one section. So I usually go through without pushing the door cuz I'm lazy and yesterday I was just walking without paying attention... and I totally walked into someone else's section of the door. Whoops.

Whatelse? Oh I sortof have a date on saturday. It's with a guy... but umm a ftm like it even matters... and I have a big thing about defying gender roles... so I'll see what happens. He is actually the roommate of a good friend of mine but I met him online thus proving it is a small world. I am attracted to androgyny and this is cool. Also he just moved to chicago and has no friends so he needs socialization and acceptance in his life. I think I'll have fun... but i think we'll end up playing video games. Ha ha ha.

I think I aced a test today. Ok now I have run outta things to say and I'm just fishing for things... grr... Oh I might quit smoking. I have cut back and it's great.
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[03 Nov 2004|12:42pm]
Today has been an odd one. I totally fell asleep in my spanish class. Just right in the middle of a very small class there was a girl... me... sleeping and umm drooling on herself. My bad.
Then in Geography class my teacher was talking about vegetarianism and morality of not eating meat... uhh... this is geography? Hmm moral lessons of geography... great. But anywho... in that class I totally aced the midterm. 92%... I rock!
I wrote most of a paper that I have put off for months.
Got angered about the election... grrrrrrrrrr.... i may have to move to canada now...
I got angry in Fairy tales class. I am totally having a horrible case of pms this week. Pinpointed all my anger towards that. Yeah... so...
what else? hmm... my ex dropped off the face of the earth. She has been in Indiana for almost a week now. Random... world is too fucking small moment... I was online talking to this girl and not 15 minutes earlier she was talking to my ex. Apparently she talked about me that's how she knew me. And then she was relaying messages to me from my ex. And then my ex cockblocked... but I wasn't trying to hook up with the girl to begin with. Exes.... sigh...
I am not in the mood to type... I am kind of just blah this week

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VOTE! [02 Nov 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I have to go to class soon but here is my day. I hate everyone I work with... one bitch... the
bitch... she called my boss today and told him I was late. Umm... yeah I clocked in at 6:15 and I don't have to be there til then. And I yelled at her. She told me that it is her butt if I don't show up. I said "what the fuck?" wouldn't it be my ass if I didn't show up? And by the way I don't have to be here til 6:15... for future reference"
And then the bitch after me was early but wouldn't actually work and just sat around.. so I told her Iwas leaving... and I did.
There is too much... politics going on around me... people whose views are hazy and all this shit... umm I gotta go..

Today is celebacy day... no Bush... no Dick!

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Funny Shoes [01 Nov 2004|07:36pm]
I own these really gawdy slippers that look likepuffy gym shoes. My sister laughs at them whenever shesees them or thinks about them. (go to www.happyfeet.com to see what I am talking about) so anywhom... I was like oh yeah you are so getting some funny shoes. ok here's the convo.

Me: I just look at them and say these are my funny shoes.
Her: Your funny shoes?
Me: My funny shoes.... funny shoes... my funny shoes... <> my funny shoes... what what... my funny shoes.
Her: my funny shoes, my funny shoes... ........dancing....... pointing to funny shoes...... booty dance...... funny shoes!
Me: It sounds like your saying Fuck Juice...
Her: My fuck juice... my fuck juice...
Me: No I said "fuck juice"
Her: That's what I said fuck juice...
Me: Oh I thought you said "Fuck Jews"
Her: Yeah...Sam... fuck jews... fuck jews... Ha ha ha...
Me: This is a great song...
Her: yeah we should never get married and live together and when we want to get married we should just sing funny shoes...
Me: Yeah in the hood... <>... yeah we should totally have a band...
Her: Yeah we have great sound... we can be WGH... white girls in the hood...
Me: and then we can sing "licky tooth" too (that is our other song)
Her: Funny shoes... funny shoes...
Me: This is a really long song... dropped my smoke... dropped my smoke...
Her: Funny shoes... funny shoes... then we should have a concert and throw our cigarettes in the crowd.
Me: what if people are watching?
Her: yeah what if? we look dumb...
Me: Yeah the neighbors are prolly taping us...
Her: word
me: Turd!
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Halloween weekend [01 Nov 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Where do I begin? I think chronological order should do.

So first of all I did have a great weekend. It started friday... well thursday if you count me going to the club. Which I have updates to that...later. So my sister came with me to school and we decided to grab a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant. First of all the place is practically known for its bad service but great food. We even sat outside so we could get a good table in a nice atmosphere. I noted that because you can seldom eat outside at the end of october. So it takes about 30 min to get our food and we had to ask the waiter for our check about 4 times... our actual waiter forgot us so we had to ask to other one. Needless to say we didn't tip him. So like an hour and a half later we get on the road and head for my aunt's house.

Meanwhile the ex calls me... she asked me if I punched her in the eye. What?... she has a black eye and a cut on it. This is really how it happened... her belt kept stabbing me in my back so I had her take it off. She did and she lifted it above her head to go put it on the floor when all of a sudden the buckle falls out of her hand and smacks her in the eye. I mostly laughed and I did feel sorry for her patheticness. So also her and I talked about that night. She said she didn't remember any of it... so I wonder if my whole relationship with her is one giant blackout. She is claiming the blackout card but I guess thats what happens when you are an alcoholic. I have never had a blackout so I don't know how they work. I can remember everything I do when I am drunk and I think it's better that way.

So late we get to my aunt's house. My cousin was planning a halloween party and my sister did not want to dress up but she got convinced to be an 80s prom queen... and I was the prom "king". I had a tux and everything. And a mustache and umm a mullet.
So we went to the thrift store to get shoes for our costumes. I had my cousin drive because I wasn't familiar with her town. We go in and my cousin's kid has the dirtiest white shirt on. It had stains even on the back. So her mom said "I can't believe I took you out in public like this" and she took her mom by the face and said "This isn't public mother... this is Goodwill" I almost died laughing when I heard it. So we shopped for about 40 min and when we went out to the car, my cousin asked for my keys. I didn't have them... she didn't have them... umm... shit... and then her daughter looked in the car window and was like there they are! Shit the keys are in the car... then all of a sudden I realize something about the car... it was running! we left it unlocked running for about 40 min... isn't that great?

Later we go back to my aunt's and my mom finally gets there around 7:30 at night to move in an entire apartment worth of stuff. My brother was being the biggest dick. I finally got to see my mom that I haven't seen in like 6 months. I didn't realize how much I actually missed her. Everyone was so crabby... but the kittens were cute. I played with them all weekend. They are so cute and cuddly.
The next night my entire family went to the halloween party... my mom and bro got trashed... I got bored out of my skull and my sis was tired. Great time? Yeah it was alright. I wore a tux and I had a junk. I kept asking my cousins and stuff to grab my package (which was not one but 2 socks... i was over compensating i guess) But my aunt was the greatest she did the whole palming cup. And then I had some prison "bitch" grab it and I rubbed it on people. A picture was taken when my male cousin grabbed it.

My mom, sister and I all had to sleep in the same bed and I slept in the middle. My mom crawled into bed and immediately put her butt on me. I said "mom... do you have to put your butt on me?" My sister almost died laughing.

Sunday we left and my sister, my ex, some friends, and I were gonna go to a gay halloween parade downtown. Well my ex and the friends bailed. But I still convinced my sister to go. So we dressed up as a lesbian and a homophobe with a hate crime. Sick? I had a bullet hole in my head and she had blood splattered all over her face and clothes. I thought it was a great costume theme.
The parade was pretty lame. I heard that there was a giant penis and vagina there. I met up with some friend there... looking for a house party. My one friend took us to a "whole foods" party. It was just a bunch of weird organic food eating people. So we decided we needed to leave that party at 11. It was a good thing too cuz I almost fell asleep on the ride home. All in all I had a good weekend.

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serial randomness [28 Oct 2004|12:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Do you ever go to in pajamas and wake up without them? No? then I am weird. I woke up and I was completely topless. I was so confused. I guess I just needed to be naked in my slumber.
Then I ate organic cereal this morning... umm I felt like I had to eat it with organic soy milk or something. Well I have nothing wrong with organic... but leave me to my sugar frosted cereal. please.
At work... my boss didn't show up so his boss came to the pool to see if anyone needed anything. She is so cool... well I used to think she was mean... but she is a lesbian and ever since she got the idea that I was she has been nice to me... but I have never actually told her that I am the gay. No she does not have a crush on me, she has a life partner and kids.

There was a lunar eclipse last night and I accidentally saw it. I was like what the fuck is wrong with the moon?

Today at my other job... I got a card and a balloon, in apreciatioon of being a student worker. It made me so happy.
Other stupid things of my day...
1. I almost got hit by a car filled with a ton of asians.
2. I got ambushed my socialists, and christians on campus.
3. There was a girl dressed as a devil in my class today... she's a little odd (in general) but it was hot.
4. I helped my friend out today before her day turned into a tampon fiasco.

Gollum came to work out at my gym. Well when gollum was smeagol (sorry I am sure I spelled it wrong... but I have read most of the books before my life became oh so busy.) This kid was absolutely creepy. Same hair as Smeagol and ears... he was all fat on top and i had the pleasure of seeing him without a shirt... i know. And he had skinny legs and hairy feet. It was the weirdest thing ever... And he didn't walk around... he lerked around. I was just surprised that he didn't catch any fish.

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boobies [26 Oct 2004|12:13pm]
Today my spanish teacher was talking to the class then she stopped, looked at my boobs, and forgot her train of thought. So I guess I look hot today. I almost died laughing but no one noticed why she lost her train of thought.

I am actually having a good day but my morning was a little off. So I work at 6am and it is really hard for me to make thoughts let alone coherent ones at that time. So I go to work and pick up the keys and bank. And then I go off on my way cuz a huge (ok 3 ppl) line is forming behind me. Sidenote: I am the lifeguard so I am not supposed to get the keys or bank but I do it cuz I am there before the desk attendant. So I let the desk girl in the building and we go upstairs to clock in. Well I go to get the key and it
was the wrong key.
In a tantrum while laughing I throw the keys on the ground and say the S word. So she
finds the right key and gets us in to clock in... which she always clocks in before me, when I get there first. Jerk.
So I was like "we have the wrong keys and bank... we have to go get the right ones" her: "We do?" "Yeah we don't work upstairs" So we had a mexican stand-off until the kid that actually had our keys and bank showed up. Ricky saved us and we traded and went on
our not so merry ways. Because she said "Ha, I know the money says upper level fitness right there in hot pink. Samantha can't read." WTF!
And she was totally flirting with him... she looks and smells like a troll. I am still mad at that. she doesn't even fuckin know me and she tries to make fun of me in front of my friend. So she left. And I talked to him... and we were like what just happened? Does she think she is funny?
So anywho. Needless to say I don't like this girl. She is as dumb as a box of rocks and she just sux in
general. And she smells... she says she wears Gap Heaven... which i like that scent. But maybe she mixes hers with pinesol, armpits, and gasoline. Gags me everymorning.
Well I hope you enjoyed my little story of venting.
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Indiana [23 Oct 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Last Night I made an adventure to Indiana with my ex.
I had a fun and saw tons of my old friends. They really missed me because I haven't seen them in like 2 months. I missed them too. We drank hung out and had fun. And one of my friends was mad at her girlfriend so she was being pissy to everyone but she was really nice to me. I love people like that... it makes me feel like a special person.
What else?... I only got minimal hours of sleep once again. I have a huge midterm on monday.
I like cheese. ha ha random girl... i love me.
I found out today that I am going to Walt Disney World for new year's! I am sooooooooo excited. I just called my friend who invited me to go with her, and I just about cried. My dad is buying me a ticket soon. And it is hella spontaneous. It is so totally wonderful... I am glad I have that opportunity.

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i saw that thong [19 Oct 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

So once I saw a thong on the sidewalk as I walked to the BSB and today I saw another one. That girl needs to hold onto her panties puhlease.

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Longest time to update ever........ [17 Oct 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So my life has been a source of much chaos in the recent weeks. I am sure some fun and exciting things have happened and some rather devistaing at the time things have happened.

  • First of all, after much deliberation, heart ache and secrets I broke up with my girlfriend. We are trying the whole friends thing and I am not so sure how that one is working out. I do however have a friendship with her ex... and I hung out with her last night and we both (i hope) had a splendid time.
  • Ok the events that have happened in the last week or so. So I went to a benefit at a bar called @mosphere. I took my main homie Nathan and we both decided that I needed to make out with some hot chicks. Then that bar sucked but I was looking out the window and I saw Candace and she ran off the bus and came up to my bar. I left ans hung out with her at Star Gaze. Poor Nathan and the lesbians. There were so many lesbians there poor babe. Then in an effort to free him from the lesbian stronghold, we decided to go to yet another bar. Hydrate.
  • By this time Nathan and I are at our 3rd bar and I have yet to make out with random hotness so you could imagine how I felt. So I saw these chicks that appeared to be straight but fine as hell and I decided to hit on them. Long story short after getting my nerves together I went up to them and said "can I have one of you" and they said something like you can have both of us but we're straight... mother fuck of all the ppl i hit on... but not all hope was lost they introduced me to their hot lesbian friend and we hit off. She's 29, and femme it is so odd for me but eh whatever. So i made out with her... forever.
  • I waited five days to call her my bad. But we went out thursday and I went to school drunk the next day oops. I had fun and some guy definately picked up our entire bill and bought us drink on top of that. Talk about cheap date.
  • Yesterday like Candace totally asked me to hang out with her. Cuz someone doesn't hang out with me like that, didn't want to go. So candace invited me to see a Kings show at the Metro. It was so awesome. I took Carey with me and she had fun. She thinks Candace is fun... prolly hot too. So like we all made out with the asian or something cuz carey was all over candace... I was drunk so maybe it didn't happen.
  • But I know what I did do and I sorta feel bad but I can't do anything about it now. I licked some mohawk girl... She said I did something to her ear...mmm... boy do I love me a mohawk and I was hitting on her in front of Carey so I felt like shit. The thing is I am not ready to be exclusive if there are so many cute girls out there and I am not sure how I feel about anything serious anyway. But I shall date.
  • So the kings... show rocked my insides and my outsides... There is the one greeter... sooooooo cute. 1 in every 6 girls there was cute. So that ratio was just fine with me. And I liked the venue... and I was drinking. It was all around a good time. Small amounts of drama with someone we know but its alright.
  • So yeah I am nursing a hangover so thats good. And my pecs hurt again.
  • That's all I can think of... the rest is in my head.
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I feel cool [29 Sep 2004|12:25pm]
So I have to keep this short and here it is.
Today I was walking and I see these 2 girls and they wave and me and have me stop to talk to them. I had no clue who they were but they were this Kirsten Dunst lookin girl and her friend from Geog. I was special cuz they remembered me and think I'm cool. And they know Rob and Shelly's Dustin. And we all talked to Rob. Rob asked how I know Shelly... ha ha ha.
Then after class I saw Rob again and he's like... I love you a little. Just meaning he likes me and wants to be my friend. Then Nicole stopped to say hi, then I got mauled and hugged by this Dave kid. Then Rohan and Natlie said hi. I haven't realized I have so many friends.... good job. Yay!
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